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Hope as a Movement to Change

Real change begins when we choose hope. By believing that we have the power to make an impact, we take the first step on the journey to changing our world. The choice is yours. But you are not alone. This is an invitation to join an inspiring community that will help us think boldly, nurture our curiosity, and empower us to act together.
 Festival of Hope-

Our Commitment to Service

As our commitment to spread positive change both inside and outside the community, we try to keep developing our awareness through our stimulated action. We understand as a citizen of Indonesia, we should always know “Where we are” and how to contribute to the development of the country. In line with that, as part of the world,  we should always eager to do service as an act of “Sharing with others” in order to creating a better world, spread hope, create meaning, and make a difference.



The International Baccalaurate (IB)

offer high quality programmes of international education

to  a worldwide community of schools

Jl. Bango II No.38 RT.6/RW.3, Pd.Labu, Cilandak, 
Kota Jakarta Selatan

Daerah Khusus Ibu Kota Jakarta



School Call      : (021) 75913675

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